Unique Design Tips for the Home

Whether you are just moving into a new home or are simply tired of looking at the same old interior of your house day after day, you are in interior design mode. Now you want something that will set your home apart from anything you’ve done before but aren’t quite sure where to find design ideas that will inspire you. Here are a few unique design tips for the home that will quickly get those wheels spinning. Why not start here?

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Try a Thematic Approach

Some of the most amazing homes have gone with a thematic approach room to room. While one room may be done in Early American, the next might be Art Nouveau and the next Victorian. There is nothing that says you need to keep the entire home designed in the same motif, so with a little creativity, you can make one room flow into the next so that it appears as though you’re stepping through the ages. This also gives you ample time to plan each room and how they will flow because you’ll be tackling the project one room at a time.

Art as an Illusion

How many times have you sat in an interior room lacking sufficient windows to the outdoors? If you are like most people, the feeling you get is stifling and a single window or two would ease that feeling of being confined. While you can’t exactly add a window because there is another room on the other side of a wall, you can create the illusion of a window. Mirrors are often used to give the appearance of a large space, but many interior decorators are using innovative paintings like the Banksy stained glass window custom works of art. If you design the frame well, it will appear as though it’s the frame around a real window and with ambient lighting, it will appear real. It’s amazing what art and light can do together when combined in this way.

Go Crazy with Color

Obviously, small rooms would do better in light neutral shades, but larger rooms give you the ability to get really creative with color. One or more brightly colored wall is trending again and bold colors are back, but in a new way. It is perfectly acceptable to go crazy with splashes of color throughout the home such as in accent pillows on the sofa.  Stick to neutral colors for the walls but accessorize with brightly colored curtains and throws to give a room depth. Nothing is more boring than room after room of neutrality. Color your world with shades that bring life into the home.

Mix and Match Frenzy

One design magazine suggests that you mix old with new to add texture and character to any room. Use some brand-new pieces intermingled with those you’ve had around or found secondhand in local shops. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of creativity so that the finished product is a blend of elements that work well together but not necessarily from the same era or motif.

What most homeowners are tired of is a home that lacks character. They are tired of living in neighborhoods where one house resembles the next to the point of monotony. When it comes to your home, it’s your castle, so feel free to explore possibilities you’d never have imagined possible. Whatever works for you has become the new norm, so let your imagination run wild. If you’re happy, that’s all that matters!