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Find Out Why The Dark Side Of Force Is Not That Eveil

For the people who have watched The Empire Strikes Back know how entertaining the movie is. What you should know about it is that there are two sides, the one which is dark and the light side. Here are reason to highlight why the dark side is not as evil as you might think.

To start with, you have to understand there is nothing evil about the dark side. You should note that this being the case, you will find that there is no huge difference about the light and the dark side of force. The only difference is the way they use their magic. One of the members of the dark side of force suppresses their emotions, and the other channels their power using emotions. You should note that the other difference is the way they make use of their power. Those who are on the light side will trick these people by attacking their mind. On the other hand, the dark side makes use of force of electricity. if this is the case, now, why would you say the dark side is evil?

The fact is that those who are on the dark side do not do any evil. In fact, the only reason they are considered to be evil in their practices. It could be that the light side is more evil than the dark. One point to support this is that they care control people into doing what they want.

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When you compare the dark side to the light side, you will find that the dark side is about honesty. In fact anything that comes out of Obi-Wan mouth is a lie. They do this, since they want to manipulate Luke into battle and to kill his father. You will find that one thing about with the dark side, they are honest.

The thing is that the dark side focuses son innovations. The reason being they want there to be progress and growth. On the other hand the light side want people to stay in the dark side. you will also find that they do not like progress. The dark side advocates for change and how to best handle it.

The fact is that when you watch the film, you will notice that the dark side is not as evil as you might have thought. You will notice they do not think of good deeds and are creative.

The light side is all about lies, stiffing progress and slavery. The fact is that there is no much good to be said about these characters. This is the reasons the dark side is better.